The Trunk Show

A light hearted trip through my life with quilting. I bring 25-30 quilts from the very ugly one I made at the age of ten to my most recent work. Past influences and anecdotes abound! Life as a quilting instructor.......it’s not for sissies!

Colour Harmony

Many quilters lack confidence when it comes to choosing colours for their quilts. Several tips for selecting colour recipes as well as general information with regard to the manufacture and dyeing of commercial fabrics. I bring several of my quilts for discussion with the group. A fun and interactive lecture.

Tips and Tricks for Quilters

Rapid fire tips and tricks for quilters are presented in this fun and informal lecture. How many tips can we get through in the time allotted? Learn about my favorite products and tools and how to use them. Tips from how to choose fabric for quilts to marking the tops for quilting and everything in between!

Batting........What’s in Your Quilt?

Choosing the correct batting for your quilting projects is every bit as important as the fabrics and design you have chosen. I have done extensive testing of the most common battings on he market. Samples of all battings before and after washing, discussion of the manufacture and care of battings as well as flammability all take place in this lecture. Everything you need to know to choose a batt for your next project.

Creativity: What is it and where do I get some?

A fun and informative lecture to look at what creativity is, how to uncover your creative genius and squash the Critic within us. This is an interactive lecture with audience participation. Join me for a few “Ah-ha!” moments and an opportunity to play with some ideas and suggestions to push yourself out of your comfort zone.